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Personnel Development

Enterprises all over the world rely on the capacity, performance and results from their staff. A company's success, this way, may rise from an idea, process or from a new product, as well as from the success on customer's attendance.

We live in a business environment under constant changes directly influenced by economic pressures, where strategies, management models and growth constantly vary.

In this context, companies are in search for the key to success, considering the following requirements: firstly, to align the company's development; and secondly, to develop professional capacity for its workers.

The guarantee that the right person is in the right place, and that this person is committed and motivated, bringing the best expected results for the company is our business.

We develop strategies, create and implement programs in compliance to our customers' culture and needs.

We ally knowledge, perspective, research and experience with the objective that our customers' ideas turn into actions with measurable impacts.

A TALENTO acts in the following development programs:

  • Leadership Academy (Management);
  • Succession;
  • Talents;
  • Capacity Mapping / Assessment / Potential Assessment;
  • Coaching;
  • Individual Development Plan;
  • Corporate Climate;
  • Performance Assessment 180 - 360 degrees;
  • Internship and trainee programs;
  • Integration program;
  • HR Policies;
  • Content factory (technical and operational);
  • Knowledge management;
  • Corporate University/Education

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